Saint Saibaba first made his appearance in Shirdi, India as a youth and remained there throughout his life, devoting his life in the service of people. Saibaba is known as the one worshipped by people of all faiths.


In 2018,  people all over the world celebrated the samadhi centenary of Shirdi Saibaba - the great 19th century Indian Saint who united diverse communities through service.


His legacy still inspires millions, and Milton Keynes based charity DREAMSAI  was established to honour him with many charity  projects that benefit local community.  Our DREAM is to practice the teachings of SAI which includes charity , humanity & moral code of love , hence the name DREAMSAI.

YMCA Milton Keynes


Our residents thoroughly look forward for this Saturday meal. Your contribution is helping our residents to feel more valued and loved by the community.

Maha, AAO SAI Host

DREAMSAI team organised  AAO SAI event in our home, it's so beautiful and peaceful. We liked it a lot.

Milton Keynes Women's aid

DREAMSAI gifts and food make such a difference to the families in our refuge. Your kindness, support and generosity has been greatly received and appreciated by MK ACT.


All our projects are inspired by the teaching of SHIRDI SAIBABA, the 19th century Indian Saint, whose followers include people from all the faiths. Shirdi Saibaba lived in Shirdi, India and left his physical body in October 1918. Shirdi Sai samadhi centenary was celebrated across the world by his followers in 2018. 

SAIBABA was extremely successful in building strong bonds between different faiths and beliefs. For HIM, there is no difference between poverty and prosperity. SAIBABA put into practice the principles of democracy, socialism and secularism which form the basis for many societies today. The common meals which SAIBABA cooked and served with his own hands to poor people is an inspiration for FOOD FOR SAI project.

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