Homelessness doesn't go unnoticed during a commute to train station or a visit to shopping centre in Central Milton Keynes. Food poverty and homelessness has raised considerably in last few years, despite effort from  many Individuals, charity organisations, and the local council to support the needy.


    As we looked into food poverty, we learned it's not just what we see on streets. There are many people in temporary accommodations who are in need of a meal. That caused us to expand our aim of DREAMSAI from spiritual projects to also serving meals for those who need them most.


    Through this project, FOOD FOR SAI, we serve meals every Saturday to guests who are homeless or in temporary accommodation. We currently serve over 100 meals every month and we are increasing the numbers. Our food pack usually includes a main course, crisp/chocolate, fruit, and bottle of water/soft drink. Seeing the guests eating their meal within few seconds of delivery says it all.

    We know many hungry people out there and  we are working to help as many as we can. If you know any individual or organisation in need of food, please let us know. We will reach out to support.

    We do not charge the guests for any of the services. All our activities are funded by voluntary donations. 


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