DREAMSAI is a registered charity(1184822) and company limited by guarantee without share capital (11259882) in England & Wales, the registered address is 106, Walhouse Road, Walsall, WS1 2BE and operates in the Borough of Milton Keynes.


It is our 'DREAM' to practice all the wonderful teachings of 'SAI' - hence the name 'DREAMSAI'. DREAMSAI Milton Keynes was formed as a local community group in October 2017 organizing cultural activities during Shirdi SAI centenary celebration; incorporated as  not for profit organisation in March 2018 to expand the spiritual and charitable activities for the benefit of our community.


FOOD for SAI project was initiated in April 2018 to support the homeless and those in temporary accommodations; GURU DAY weekly celebrations were initiated in October 2018 to meet the cultural needs of local Indian community; Winter Essential hampers distribution to needy was initiated during Christmas 2018; Blood Donation camps to raise awareness in ethnic communities was initiated in May 2019; Festive Hampers was initiated during October 2019 for DIWALI; DREAMSAI was registered as a charity in August 2019 and COVID OUTREACH was initiated in March 2020 to support self-isolating elderly effected by COVID and School's Breakfast project was initiated in April 2021


We run many projects that meets the needs of diverse community groups and positively contribute to strengthen our communities. Our services are provided to anyone & everyone independent of their race, colour, age, or sex. Humanity is at the heart of everything we do.

We do not charge the guests for any of our services. All the services are funded by voluntary digital  donations.  DREAMSAI is one of the first group to accept digital only donations since inception. DREAMSAI is registered with Fund raising regulator.

Our organisation is run by volunteers from all walks of life who proudly makes time out of their busy professional & personal lives with the sole aim of supporting the community around us.


Our objectives are:


1. Promoting teachings of Shirdi Saibaba as set out in Satcharita

2. Supplying food, hygiene items and essentials to homeless & needy people in temporary sheltered accommodation.

3.Raising awareness of the blood donation, bone marrow and stem cells within Indian community.


All our projects are inspired by the teaching of SHIRDI SAIBABA, the 19th century Indian Saint, whose followers include people from all the faiths. Shirdi Saibaba lived in Shirdi, India and left his physical body in October 1918. Shirdi Sai samadhi centenary celebrations are being done across the world by his followers in 2018. 

SAIBABA was extremely successful in building strong bonds between different faiths and beliefs. For HIM, there is no difference between poverty and prosperity. SAIBABA put into practice the principles of democracy, socialism and secularism which form the basis for many societies today. The common meals which SAIBABA cooked and served with his own hands to poor people is an inspiration for FOOD FOR SAI project.