DREAMSAI is a charity run by 100% volunteers. Our organisation is run by volunteers from all walks of life who proudly makes time out of their busy professional & personal lives with the sole aim of supporting the community around us.

We have  around 100 local volunteers who are from all walks of life. We do not choose our team members based on their colour, race, gender, age or faith. To be part of our  dream team, your heart needs to be at the right place and willing to support our local community projects. 


We run many projects that meets the needs of diverse community groups and positively contribute to strengthen our communities. 

What ever your passion is ; be it spirituality of THE GURU's DAY, compassion of FOOD CHARITY or humanity of BLOOD DONATON camps, you are welcome to join us and contribute your bit to make Milton Keynes  a wonderful place to live. 


Call our helpline 01908 033541 or email admin@dreamsai.org or contact on our social media @dreamsaiMK or message on 07864 982635


All our projects are inspired by the teaching of SHIRDI SAIBABA, the 19th century Indian Saint, whose followers include people from all the faiths. Shirdi Saibaba lived in Shirdi, India and left his physical body in October 1918. Shirdi Sai samadhi centenary celebrations are being done across the world by his followers in 2018. 

SAIBABA was extremely successful in building strong bonds between different faiths and beliefs. For HIM, there is no difference between poverty and prosperity. SAIBABA put into practice the principles of democracy, socialism and secularism which form the basis for many societies today. The common meals which SAIBABA cooked and served with his own hands to poor people is an inspiration for FOOD FOR SAI project.