Milton Keynes has changed a lot as a community since 2001. There's been a 100% growth in the Indian origin population - 3% of residents over all.  


    In fact 12% of total population growth in Milton Keynes belong to the Hindu community.

    It's clear that Indians and Hindu community play a key role in the economic, social, and cultural vibrancy of this great town.

    It is a long held-aspiration of this community to have a Temple & community centre which can be a focal point to cultural , traditional , religious and spiritual events.


    That's why the DREAMSAI team initiated the project in April 2015.

    With Saibaba blessings, we have received overwhelming support of community members and all stake holders - making great progress on the project. Over 500 families endorsed the project and pledged around £85K

    Unfortunately we did hit few road blocks. This has delayed the project, but we are confident we have the right support and plans in place to keep moving forward. 


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