AAO SAI is a  weekly event to meet the cultural needs of Indian community during the Shirdi Sai Samadhi centenary year (1918-2018). Since launch, 200 community members have been  directly benefited by this event every month.

    Significance : 

    AAO SAI is significant for two major reasons. When BABA came to Shirdi as young FAKIR, Mhalsapathi went forward to the cart and said YA SAI in Marathi ( Aao Sai in Hindi or Welcome Sai in English). Until then, BABA’s name was never known to anyone, but from that point he was called SAI.


    The second reason is from that point, BABA never left Shirdi.


    It is exactly with that intention we are doing AAO SAI program so that BABA stays in every devotee's home. 


    As BABA took samadhi in 1918, centenary celebrations are being organised in Shirdi and all over the world by his devotees which will continue until October 2018. By BABA’s grace, we as BABA’s devotees saw this as a great opportunity to organise  AAO SAI program in MK.


    It’s a free event where any devotee can invite BABA  to their home. Our team brings BABA in photo form , earthen diyas & soil from Shirdi. Host will invite BABA into their home at the doorstep. Ganesh Puja, Chita Aarti , Hanuman Chalupa, Bhajans , Satcharitrs parayan & Dhoop Aarti will be perform by our team. We will bring all puja materials required. After Prasad ,BABA will be taken to his permanent residence , we leave BABA & diyas in this house and we carry on to next Aao Sai program.


    We need your support so we can pass on these important cultural traditions to younger generations.

    AAO SAI concept is the courtesy of I LOVE SAI an organisation based in USA , UK , India. https://ilovesai.com


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